175 things that you can do to earn money Right Now, every day, even if you're Broke!

"Over 90 Million People are Out of Work and Permanently Off of Government Assistance ....They Need Help, They Need Income, They Need Hope .... and A Way Out!"


While everyone else is struggling with lower wages, rising prices, shrinking savings, job insecurity, or worse, no job and NO FUTURE ... You Can Start Making a Change Today That Could Literally Save Your Life!

From: Pat & Gina Gunning

We were FED UP!   Our friends, our family, our loved ones ... all suffering!  

We had to sit down and write this book and help those in need!

First ... we help you handle the immediate problems by showing you where help is available and how to get it!

Then, SuperFast Cash Tactics lists over 175 ways for YOU to make Money, without Working for the MAN... and, without worrying about getting a pink slip tomorrow and suddenly having NO INCOME, Again!

This isn't the usual garbage you see listed almost everywhere... like the Ponzi Schemes, MLM Businesses, Envelope Stuffing or those Costly Internet Marketing Scams!  These are real cash jobs, things that people need to have done, and very often cannot find anyone to do them.... 175 things that you can do to earn money Right Now, every day, even if you're Broke!

But... if you still want to work for someone else, jobs are available that can practically guarantee you will NEVER get laid off... In fact many of these employers will pay your way to learn how to do the high paying skilled jobs they need done today!

We also show you where to get Government Assistance... some you may never have even heard of before...

There are also Free Services to Help You Earn Easier and Faster.....

We even show you how to get Perfect Strangers to Give You Money to Help You get through a Crisis Situation... like student loan debt, unemployment, financial crisis, paying your mortgage, college tuition,
paying medical bills or any other urgent situation you can think of.  This is Money that You won't ever have to pay back!

SuperFast Cash Tactics is a must have for anyone who wants or needs more cash. It was unbelievable all the different ways of making and saving money
that never crossed my mind.

It is full of resources that will help you find the perfect money solution for anyone. When the kids asked for money, I put my wallet back and pulled out a copy of this book. The look was priceless.

Jamie Ellsworth, Florida

Where does it end?   The Statistics are STAGGERING!

If you are out of a J.O.B., you're competing with 3,709,700 other people have been unemployed longer than 26 Weeks.

In a recently completed study, 23 percent of the people who had been out of work for six months or longer landed a job within a few months. But a year later, more than a third of that group was unemployed again or out of the labor force altogether

SuperFast Cash Tactics is The Answer
For Many Who Feel STUCK!

Keep in mind finding a job ISN'T your only solution!

There is HELP available and resources that can get you through this until you find a new job or just create your own.

I just read SuperFast Cash Tactics.  All I can say is WOW!  Coach Gina and Pat Gunning have really delivered an awesome book full of great content.
They have left no stone unturned.

If you are tired of being broke or just want more money in your life you gotta read this book now. This economy can be tough, But if you want to move up and out of your current situation this book delivers.

From saving money to creating money its all here!

Tim Klemens, California

SuperFast Cash Tactics gives you the resources for a way out and a way up ... you can start earning today while you build your business so that you can earn even more tomorrow...

Bonus #1

How To Survive Unemployment & Job Loss Panic

What Do I Do NOW?  There's almost nothing more frightening and stressful than losing a
job.... and now a days it happens with more frequency than ever before....
It's easy to say 'Don't Panic' but the fear takes over quickly like a bad
storm with high winds. Just remember panic can lead to bad decisions
that can easily make things worse... Take a deep breath...

We will walk you thru this trying time!

Bonus #2

How to Successfully Use Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding was used originally as a means of funding start-up
businesses... over time it expanded to include funding for personal
needs like weddings, student loan debt, unemployment, financial
crisis, buying a home, college tuition, paying medical bills or anything
other costly situation you can think of.

Crowdfunding has a 66% FAILURE Rate....
Learn how to do it right!


Why Should You Buy SuperFast Cash Tactics? Because many people just don't have the time to look for the help they need and others don't know where to look to find it!  SuperFast Cash Tactics is the edge you need to get back on track TODAY!

YES!   I NEED SuperFast Cash Tactics

  I NEED 175 Things That I Can Do to Earn Money Right Now, Every Day, Even if  I'm Broke!

I WANT To Get Out of PANIC MODE and Into ACTION MODE .... NOW!

I NEED to learn how to do Crowdfunding - THE RIGHT WAY - and Never have to pay one single dime back ever!

I WANT My Immediate Cash Blueprint NOW!


SuperFast Cash Tactics



My full review of "SuperFast Cash Tactics" If you are considering purchasing this product. STOP considering! Do it! As far as I am concerned, it does not matter what your financial status is, this is right for you.

If you are having some financial problems, lost your job, whatever, it is a MUST HAVE. First, it is quite uplifting in that it lets you know that you are not alone, that millions of people share your situation, but YOU are the solution to your own unique situation. Then it proceeds to show you exactly how to change that situation to a better one. It is intuitive, like they know what your particular problem is.

SuperFast Cash Tactics is a highly comprehensive collection of actionable things you can do to immediately get access to cash to start plugging the holes in your finances. You will find almost every possible thing that can be done to start bringing in cash very quickly.

There is absolutely something for everyone. Nothing has been left out. No one has been left behind. It had to take many hours of research and development to get this to what it is, which is awesome. In addition, there are some long term revenue ideas that could put you on the path to success on your own.

I am not exaggerating when I say comprehensive. It not only shows you what you can do, it shows you where to get it done. There are links to support nearly every fast cash tactic and there are many. I could go on for a long time, but let me finish by telling you this.

I chose a couple ideas and acted on them. I had cash in hand within 24 hours. I have now identified several more of these tactics that suit my capabilities and am acting on them as well. I was careful to try to make sure they do not lead me in too many directions. While I am not without revenue completely, I find I can supplement that with what I am learning in SuperFast Cash Tactics.

If you are without a job and other financial assistance, I can see where SuperFast Cash Tactics could be a lifeline for you. I view SuperFast Cash Tactics as the Gold Standard for those that are in need of a quick infusion of money and are struggling to find a way to make it happen. You need look no further. I have bought other quick cash products and none were as well crafted and complete. Stop looking and start doing. It really works!

A J Williams, Virginia


To Your Success,
Pat and Gina Gunning at The Log Cabin


P.S. Are you still reading?   We have been here, we know what your feeling, we know the pain and suffering that occurs from being broke and in panic mode.  We also know that "this too shall change" and we give you a huge advantage with this easy to follow blueprint. If you are not convinced by now that we are the real deal, then by all means, close out this page now.



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